Honey Card – The Smart Debit Card for Kids

The Smart Debit Card for Kids

Honey Card helps parents raise money-smart kids. Easily automate allowances, transfer money instantly, get spending notifications and empower your children to make smart financial decisions.

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Financial Literacy

Through in-app guidance and by managing their own money, kids will learn to spend, save, invest and give wisely.

Parental Controls

Parents can set spending limits, block merchants and categories. You have full control over your kid’s card.

Spending Insights

Get spending notifications when your kid makes a purchase. You’ll always know what they’re buying and where.

Instant Money Transfers

Easily and instantly transfer money from your account to your kids account. No more quick runs to the old ATM.

Allowance Automation

Setting up an automated allowance is simple to do and it’s one thing you can check off your list each week.

Social Savings

Invite friends and family members to contribute to savings goals. Anyone with a bank account can participate.

Rewards Program

It's simple to set up chores and offer rewards to your kids. Incentivize hard work and smart financial decisions.

Designed by parents.
Built for Kids.

We’re working closely with parents to build Honey and we’d love to hear from you. Please email us anytime.

Launching soon. Get early access.
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